More than 80 years commercial marine tugboat towing experience servicing Southern Georgia Strait and the east coast of Vancouver Island.

Our History

Jones Marine Group Ltd. is a Canadian based commercial marine towing company with a fleet of nine tugboats, three water taxis and on shore commercial marine repair facilities located in Chemainus, BC.

The company got its start in the 1940’s as Chemainus Towing Co. Ltd., a full-service marine tugboat company started by Hamilton Baillie Jr. and George Hemmingsen. Pacific Forest Products purchased the company in 1975 which continued operations up to 1992.

When Pacific began streamlining their operations to concentrate on their land-based forestry divisions, current owner Daryl Jones saw an opening to launch his own marine tug and towing business. Jones had served as Operations Manager at Pacific for 15 years. He left the company and purchased his first tugboat the Race Point and began towing logs for various customers in the southern Georgia Strait. Shortly thereafter, an opportunity arose to purchase the assets of Chemainus Towing. Jones along with two partners bought the company and operated under the name of Jones Marine Services Ltd. beginning January 1, 1993. In 2012 Jones bought out the partners changing the name to Jones Marine Group Ltd. and is now a family run business.

Today the company operates a fleet of tugboats and water taxis. Certified crew provide a full range of commercial marine services including ship berthing, log towing, booming, yarding and general barge towing. The Jones Marine Group handles all the commercial ship docking demands in the Port of Nanaimo and Crofton, and successfully transits more logs between the BC mainland and Vancouver Island than all their competitors combined.

Jones Marine Group Ltd., under Chemainus Marine Services Ltd. provides a full range of marine repair services at its facility located in Chemainus.

Company subsidiary Jones Point Log Handling Services provides booming and log ship tending to customers in the local area.


The Jones Marine Group is ready to work for you 24/7/365.